• Transhumanism takes a multidisciplinary approach in analyzing the dynamic interplay between humanity and the acceleration of technology. In this sphere, much of our focus is on the development and ethical use of biotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial general intelligence. Our theoretical interests focus on posthuman topics of the singularity, extinction risk, and mind uploading. Many of these ideas are contemplated in books and other publications produced at Humanity+ Press.

STATEMENTSHumanity+ is dedicated to developing knowledge about the science, technology, and social changes of the 21st century. We aim to deeply influence a new generation of thinkers who dare to envision humanity's next steps.


Joining Humanity+ as a Full, Plus or Sponsor Member enables you to participate in Humanity+'s decision-making - an important role in the growing transhumanist movement. It also gives you the opportunity to support the work Humanity+ does!
Humanity+ @ Conferences

Our Humanity+ conferences explore innovations of science and technology and their relationship to humanity. Recent conferences have been held at San Francisco State University, Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, Parsons The New School for Design in New York City, California Technology Institute, and Harvard University.

H+ Magazine

H+ Magazine covers technological, scientific, and cultural trends that are changing humans in fundamental ways. H+ Magazine aims to reflect the newest edge culture by featuring creative expressions of humanity on a razor’s edge where daily life and science fiction seem to be merging.



H+ Connect is a dynamic social network for Humanity+ members and other transhumanists throughout the world. We hope H+ Connect will offer a unique environment for people to share what they are working on, meetup with others.


Join a Chapter or start one! There are many possible activities for local groups, from purely social gatherings to study groups and speaker series. All local chapters are autonomous, except insofar as we recognize and cooperate with you.



The Humanity+ Student Network is an international coalition of student organizations dedicated to discussing transhumanist ideas. The H+SN and its member groups seek to provide opportunities for university-level work and research in exploring the promises and perils of technology and the future of humanity.