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RECAP OF SUMMER 2016 EVENTS Future of Mind Symposium In July, Humanity + with The New School’s The Center for Transformative Media put on the Future of Mind symposium.

FUTURE of MIND will feature a series of panels moderated by Dr. Goertzel and Prof. Keller, combining contributions of expert panelists with those of audience members. Brief presentations by panelists will be followed by discussions encouraging participants and audience to develop a day long conversation.

Organized by Ben Goertzel and Ed Keller Link, he content is in-depth and Ben and Ed did an awesome job at organizing moderating this event. As a caution: the video is one camera from stage right so most speakers are a little difficult to see. Regardless, this event was top-notch! As a footnote, this symposium followed teh 9th Annual Conference on Artificial General Intelligence Link Below are a few images of speakers

Human X Design: Deus Ex Humankind In August was the Human by Design conference held at Paley Center in NYC.

Conference video link

HUMAN X DESIGN Conference in New York City is a one-day conference that explores the world of human augmentation with two goals: First, to bring together the top minds to debate, question, and challenge what it means to be human; and second, to create an Ethical Framework that can serve as a way forward for augmentation guidelines. In the shadow of some recent high-profile medical cases being battled in U.S. courts comes the increasingly relevant question: Do we own our bodies? If the answer is yes, then is that right of ownership inalienable to the point that we can augment it without limits? These core questions will be debated in a panel discussion featuring the top thinkers on both sides of the issue. Transhumanist philosopher Dr. Natasha Vita-More and augmentation pioneer and former U.S. Navy engineer Adam Arabian, along with Christian ethicist and moral philosopher E. Christian Brugger and Dr. Steve Mann, victim of the first cyborg hate crime, will delve into the morality and ethics of human augmentation. Their discussion will be a launchpad for the day’s conversations and the larger issues surrounding human rights and augmentation.

The long awaited return of Humanity+ Press! Best of H+ Magazine, Vol. 1: 2008-2010 has been released as a good old fashioned paper book (or ebook) by Humanity+ Press, available for purchase via

The book gathers together a careful selection of the most exciting and intriguing articles from the magazine’s early years when it was edited by counterculture/cyberculture icon R.U. Sirius.

“Anticipating 2045″ Conference March 21-23, 2014 @Birkbeck College, London Website link!

Posse of futurists pontificate on Transhumanism and related topics. March 1, 2014 @ San Francisco (East Bay) Website link!

March 1, 2014 @Paris, Beijing, New Delhi, Ranchi, Rome, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Dubai, Berlin, Tokyo, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Sydney, Hong Kong, Nawabganj (Kanpur, India), São Paulo, Stockholm, and Edmonton; and in Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Israel, and Iran. U.S. locations include Hawaii, Springfield, Los Angeles, Thanksgiving Point (Utah), Seattle, Springfield (Illinois), San Francisco (@BIL), Washington, D.C., and Piedmont, California