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The long awaited return of Humanity+ Press!

Best of H+ Magazine, Vol. 1: 2008-2010 has been released as a good old fashioned paper book (or ebook) by Humanity+ Press, available for purchase via

The book gathers together a careful selection of the most exciting and intriguing articles from the magazine’s early years when it was edited by counterculture/cyberculture icon R.U. Sirius.


[box title=”London Futurists and Humanity+” style=”bubbles”]“Anticipating 2045″ Conference
March 21-23, 2014
Birkbeck College, London
Website link!

[box title=”Transhuman Vision” style=”bubbles” radius=”3″]Posse of futurists pontificate on Transhumanism and related topics.
March 1, 2014
@ San Francisco (East Bay)
Website link
![/box] [box title=”Future Day” style=”bubbles”]March 1, 2014
@Paris, Beijing, New Delhi, Ranchi, Rome, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Dubai, Berlin, Tokyo, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Sydney, Hong Kong, Nawabganj (Kanpur, India), São Paulo, Stockholm, and Edmonton; and in Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Israel, and Iran. U.S. locations include Hawaii, Springfield, Los Angeles, Thanksgiving Point (Utah), Seattle, Springfield (Illinois), San Francisco (@BIL), Washington, D.C., and Piedmont, California[/box]