What does Humanity+ do?  We have worldwide chapters, conferences, a magazine, and we fund R&D.

Our chapters are spreading the word about advanced technology and futurist thinking in dozens of different countries, gathering together a huge diversity of perspectives on how to get the future right, and thinking about what “getting it right” means.

Our conferences include Hong Kong, New York City, and other locations. Here is our San Francisco Conference conference, featuring sessions on AI, economics, art and design, and longevity. Our conferences aim to bring together innovators with a variety of perspectives, building a common understanding of the best way to create an amazingly positive future for all of us.

Our magazine, H+ Magazine, is edited by R.U. Sirius, who’s been a leader of futurist journalism for decades, most famously with his earlier magazine Mondo 2000.  RU is starting a new magazine feature for 2011 called “Problem Solved: Humanity+ Solves All the World’s Problems.”  Each month we’ll consider a different problem and bring together a host of expert opinions about how advanced technology can solve it.  We also publish selected future-oriented books via Humanity+ Press.

We collaborate with scientists and engineers on critical R&D.  We’re working with WideTag on using the Internet of Things to enable mobile healthcare.  And we’re working with OpenCog — an open-source AI project — working on creating robots, video game characters and artificial scientists with general intelligence at the human level and beyond.  If we get the future of AI right, that will help a lot in making the future as a whole great for all of us.

We’re a broad organization — we’re not focused on any one technology or issue.  Our mission is to help humanity get the future right.  But out of the breadth of our mission, come some very specific action items, which we’re actively pursuing.

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