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What does it mean to be human in a technologically enhanced world? Humanity+, also known as World Transhumanist Association, is a 501(c)3 international nonprofit membership organization that advocates the ethical use of technology, such as artificial intelligence, to expand human capacities. In other words, we want people to be better than well. This is the goal of transhumanism.

Humanity+ Advocates for Safe and Ethical Use: Technologies that support longevity and mitigate the disease of aging by curing disease and repairing injury have accelerated to a point in which they also can increase human performance outside the realms of what is considered to be “normal” for humans. These technologies are referred to as emerging and exponential and include artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, biotechnology, stem cells, and gene therapy, for example. Other technologies that could extend and expand human capabilities outside physiology include AI, robotics, and brain-computer integration, which form the domain of bionics, memory transfer, and could be used for developing whole body prosthetics. Because these technologies, and their respective sciences and strategic models, such as blockchain, would take the human beyond the historical (normal) state of existence, society, including bioethicists and others who advocate the safe use of technology, have shown concern and uncertainties about the downside of these technologies and possible problematic and dangerous outcomes for our species.

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Our Humanity+ conferences explore innovations of science and technology and their relationship to humanity.

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We aim to impact change. We have the knowledge to equip you with the tools, resources and mindset to navigate your own transformative journey into the future. This is Humanity+’s network of members, advisors, associates and partners. Areas include entrepreneurs and innovators in the fields of science, technology, philosophy, and the arts.Read More »

The Members H+ Academy is developed to provide a way for members to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. Round Table discussions featuring world leading thinkers discussing the most immediate issues. We have two ways for members to participate n the Academy: (1) attend the Humanity+ hosted Round Table discussion; and (2) create and attend the members’ hosted breakout Workshops. Read more >>


Humanity+ — What’s the Focus?

Humanity+ Multidisciplinary Approach: Our model in analyzing the dynamic interplay of accelerating technology is based on opportunity analysis. In this sphere, much of our focus is on technologies that help humanity overcome odds. Looking into the near-term future, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, dynamic interfaces, and anticipated future technologies foster new forms of energy and opportunities for space exploration. Our theoretical interests focus on posthuman topics of brain simulation, automated collaborative filters, mind uploading, and singularity.

Natasha Vita-More Interview

H+ Executive Director Natasha Vita-More is featured at international conferences and has appeared in over two dozen televised documentaries and magazines. She was recently interviewed on the subject of human germline modification in the Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog.

Ben Goertzel on BBC

H+ Chair Ben Goertzel is a renown computer scientist, seminal researcher of AI and co-coined the term AGI. See Ben in The BBC’s “Transhumanism: Could we live forever?” film here.

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