About Humanity+

Humanity+ is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational organization dedicated to elevating the human condition. We aim to deeply influence a new generation of thinkers who dare to envision humanity’s next steps. Our programs combine unique insights into the developments of emerging and speculative technologies that focus on the well-being of our species and the changes that we are and will be facing. Our programs are designed to produce outcomes that can be helpful to individuals and institutions. Since its inception as the World Transhumanist Association, along with the pioneering work of Extropy Institute, Humanity+ has contributed to advancing the public knowledge of how science and technology can and will affect our human future.

What is Humanity+’s Relation to Transhumanism?

Humanity+ adopted the Transhumanist Declaration. The Transhumanist Declaration was a joint effort between members of Extropy Institute, World Transhumanist Association, and other transhumanist groups worldwide. The Transhumanist Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is located at Humanity+’s website and is a collection of contributions by numerous authors, later edited by Nick Bostrom, and is updated as necessary by others. There are other FAQs on transhumanism, such as The Transhumanist FAQ was developed by ExI and members of Humanity+ and earlier WTA.

Who Belongs to Humanity+?

Approximately 6000 people follow Humanity+ (including members and newsletter subscribers). Humanity+ followers come from more than 100 countries, from Afghanistan to Brazil to Egypt to the Philippines.

Supporting and sustaining members participate in Humanity+ leadership and decision-making. Humanity+ members also participate in more than four dozen chapters around the world.

What does Humanity+ Do?

Humanity+ has many different programs of activity, and we are adding more all the time!

How Can I Participate?

First, join Humanity+, and subscribe to the Humanity+ newsletter. You may also enroll in one of our discussion lists and join one of our local H+ chapters, which can be found in countries and languages all over the world.

Humanity+ Contact information:

If you have any questions about Humanity+, please email us at info@humanityplus.org.

Mailing Address:

Humanity+, Inc.
World Transhumanist Association
5042 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 14334
Los Angeles, California 90036