Humanity+ / H+ Service Marks, Terms of Use


As a means to maintain and support Humanity+, Inc. (aka H+) as a long-time presence in the
international educational and social media space along with its incorporated assets and branding,
we have recently noticed that ENTITY/PERSON is using Humanity Plus, Inc.’s registered U.S. service
mark, H+, and/or our registered U.S. service mark humanity+, attached as Exhibit A (the “Marks”),
in connection with DESCRIBE, as shown in Exhibit B. We are, of course, thrilled to encourage the
broad dissemination of transhumanist thought by the maximum number of people and
organizations. We know you will understand that it is also important that we protect our brand, in
which we have made a substantial investment over the years.
Protecting the H+ brand is a positive action on our part for the benefit of our members and our
historical presence worldwide. We are happy to grant permission to use our Marks, provided that
the user acknowledges our ownership of the marks and uses them in accordance with our
requirements and standards.

In order for us to grant you and your organization permission to use our Marks, we require the

1. Ownership Marks. You acknowledge the Marks to belong to Humanity Plus, Inc. (“H+”). You shall
do this, in part, by affixing the ® symbol (option-r) to your use of our Marks and, importantly, by
affixing to your website and to places, online and otherwise, where you use our Marks the following
statement: “H+ and Humanity+ are registered service marks of Humanity Plus, Inc, and are used by
permission.” You agree that you will not contest our rights in the Marks either during the term of
your license or afterward.

2. Integrity of Marks. You agree to use our Marks in the form and format shown in Exhibit A. You
are not permitted to alter the marks in any way without our express written permission.

3. Standards of Use. You agree to use the Marks only in accordance with our standards, as revised
from time to time, in our sole determination. Pursuant to such standards, you agree to use the
Marks exclusively for academic or non-commercial purposes in a manner that does not create

confusion between your organization and H+. Permission to use the Marks for academic or non-
commercial purposes shall be without cost or royalty.

4. Commercial Use. You will not use the Marks for any commercial purpose, including on goods
or services for sale or hire, unless you first obtain H+’s written permission to do so and we execute
a mutually acceptable license agreement specifying terms of use and setting an appropriate,
reasonable royalty to H+.

– 2 –

5. Political Use . You shall not use the Marks for any political purpose, including in connection
with any political campaign, unless you have first obtained express written permission to do so. You
acknowledge that H+ cannot allow the use of the Marks for any political cause that it does not
support. Should we initially consent to use of the Marks for a political cause or campaign, we may
revoke our consent if in our sole determination the cause or campaign shall evolve to become
inconsistent with H+’ goals, purposes and ideals.
6. Dispute Resolution.You agree that any dispute arising out of or relating to your use of the Marks
shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America and the State of California and shall
be determined by a single arbitrator familiar with trademark law by and under the rules of the
American Arbitration Association in San Francisco, California. You agree to pay your share of
arbitration costs as and when assessed, and you agree to entry of default against you if you fail to
pay any such costs within 30 days of invoice. You agree that the prevailing party in any such
arbitration shall be awarded costs and attorney’s fees.
We trust you will understand our need to protect and oversee the use of our Marks as well as
support and encourage others to use our Marks with the understanding explained in this letter. If
you acknowledge and agree to our requirements, please so indicate by signing and returning a copy
of this document, or by signing the DocuSign document that we will forward to you along with this
letter. We at Humanity+ welcome your support of transhumanist ideals, and we will look forward
to hearing from you within two weeks of the date of this letter.
Humanity+, Inc.