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Candidates running for election are listed in alphabetical order.

Jeanne Dietsch


I would like to stand for election to the board of Humanity+.

The Humanity+ mission seems to me to require board members with a combination of social conscience and tech savvy, future vision and pragmatic experience, heart and mind. It requires leaders experienced in speaking across disciplines, classes and nationalities. It calls for people who care enough about humankind to dedicate their efforts to building a future worthy of our aspirations, and the experience to succeed.

  • As a successful former CEO and tech entrepreneur, I meet the requirements.
  • I consistently see the future before most (though not before Natasha Vita-More and others in the H+ organization!)
  • In 1981, my thesis “The Future of the Computer as a Mass Medium” was unanimously denied by my Master’s committee as “never going to happen.”
  • In 1996, my Net market research company’s projection that ecommerce would grow 1000% in five years was derided as ridiculous. Reality proved otherwise.

Unlike some visionaries, I also make things happen.

  • As one of the founders of the Robotics Technology Consortium; I received special commendation from the US Under-secretary of Defense Office for fast-tracking its launch.
  • I have completed three commercial tech start-ups. My last, MobileRobots Inc., was a leader in intelligent robots for the global research community. We sold in 2010 to Adept Technology.

Humanity+ needs to speak to many types of people. Though I’ve lived my adult life in the tech world, I grew up in rural Ohio; my first internship was at my dad’s stockyards, though I didn’t have to shovel manure because I had three brothers! I studied art, psychology and mathematics in Chicago at Illinois Institute of Technology, finishing up my BS in Kalamazoo at Western Michigan U. I’ve lived in St. Louis, NYC, Cambridge, Ann Arbor and small-town New Hampshire. I’ve worked with engineers, scientists, bureaucrats, programmers, military, medical, security, academics, politicians, publicists, entertainment and manufacturing customers. I’ve raised two kids and served on the local school board. In the course of selling robots, I’ve spoken widely and traveled five continents. At Harvard Kennedy in 2013, I completed an MPA degree focused on Science and Technology Policy, with classmates from governments, military and social service agencies around the globe. I facilitate Community Conversations, group reflection experiments, at the Monadnock Center for History and Culture. I am an associate of the Global Brain Institute in Brussels.

But all that does not answer the question of why I want to join the board of Humanity+. I believe that H+ has a critical mission and that I can contribute insight and assist in envisioning systems for accomplishing it. I know how to surf waves of change. But I also know that the transition to H+ will be extremely difficult. I want my future grandchildren to enjoy a life as empowering as my own. None of us knows how to assure such a thing as humanity transforms itself. But I do know we will need to build a camaraderie and communicate a message that can withstand attack and overcome distrust. We must turn eyes from the dance of dollars to dreams of a future fresh from the realm of fantasy.  We will need to accept that power and greed are forces that will never disappear, but which can be leveraged towards better goals.

Despite the formidability of the task, I believe, Humanity+ has potential to tweak the universe just enough to help humankind to a better place. It is a mission worthy of us all.

For a complete bio and links to publications, please see www.linkedin.com/in/jeannedietsch

I affirm my personal support of the Humanity+ Mission Statement and the Transhumanist Declaration, provided that Item 7: “We advocate the well-being of all sentience, including humans, non-human animals, and any future artificial intellects, modified life forms, or other intelligences to which technological and scientific advance may give rise.” is modified to read: “We advocate the well-being of all sentience consistent with the well-being of other sentience, including humans, non-human animals, and any future artificial intellects, modified life forms, or other intelligences to which technological and scientific advance may give rise.” I fear that the original wording would preclude defense against predators, bullies, plague and other dangers.

Thank you for your consideration. I hope to earn your vote.
Jeanne Dietsch

Sapiens Plurum “The Wisdom of Many”
Blog: Saving Humankind-ness

Alex Klokus


Statement of Intent

The mission of Humanity+ aligns very closely with my personal values and beliefs, and I’m confident that my entrepreneurial experience and action-oriented approach can help push Humanity+ forward. I also have extensive experience building communities in the futurism/transhumanism/emerging tech space that I can leverage to help the group grow.

Over the past 6 months I’ve revived the SingularityNYC community and doubled group size to 630+ active members. I have also been routinely hosting monthly events with corporate sponsors and attendance that tops 80+.

I’ve also been cultivating a digital presence with Futurism.co. My weekly infographics are routinely viewed by over 2 million people, and it wouldn’t be implausible to leverage that reach to push attention to the work that H+ is doing. We have a subscriber list of over 9000 people that love learning about how science and technology is influencing the future of humanity, and I have no doubt they would be interested in the mission of Humanity+.

Finally, I’ve built companies before that have been funded by Princeton and the Government of Chile, including my last startup (Habet.co) which was sold to a South American entity.I know how to design an appealing website that converts viewers to subscribers/members. I already have a list of actionable items that I believe can be implemented to improve the experience for Humanity+ and increase membership growth. There exists a tremendous opportunity to unite people around your mission, and I’m set on making that happen.


Alex is an entrepreneur and Founder of Futurism.co, a popular digital media site that highlights the most important scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations. His prior companies have received funding from Princeton and the Government of Chile (x2). He is also the Organizer of the SingularityNYC community with over 630 active members . His primary focus at present lies at the intersection of media and emerging technology, and he is adamant about addressing the information asymmetry and lack of awareness that exists around future technology-initiated societal shifts. He also spoke and moderated a talk titled “Transhumanism: A Glimpse into the Future of Humanity” at the World Technology Summit in November 2014.

Juan Francisco “Kiko” Suarez

Kiko Suarez

Dear Members,

I have decided to present my candidacy for the Board of Humanity+. My life, like yours, is crazy busy, and normally I cannot carve time for nonprofit boards. It doesn’t feel good to commit and not deliver. I know many people that want to have their names in Boards, and never prepare for the meetings, or do the work in between meetings.  I don’t like to be that person, and I have consistently said no many times. Humanity+ is an exception, for two reasons:

First, I believe deeply and profoundly in the mission of elevating the human condition.  In my TEDx Talk about wisdom and wise design (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITl8MC5RJN8) , based on my own doctoral research, I discuss about the need to augment ourselves as humans beings.  I recommend you watch it because in less than 12 minutes, you will see what I think about elevating ourselves as humans. You can also follow my opinions on twitter (@jfsuarez) on a variety of topics, but mainly focused on innovation and the need to focus on nurturing our wisdom system.

My second reason to present this candidacy is beyond the mission; it’s the organization itself, Humanity+ and its incredible potential to bring credibility and rigor to the idea of transhumanism. I do understand science and technology (bachelors in computer science, practitioner of new technologies in various settings), and value its potential.  I also believe that capital markets will soon begin to fund more applied research in the fields of human augmentation in NBIC technologies at a very fast pace over the next 20 years.  For that very reason, we need a strong Humanity+ organization that becomes that maven of the space, the reference, the thought leader.  The world needs credible leaders for the causes that matter.  Humanity+ must take this opportunity to solidify and expand its good name beyond the circles of this community, and begin a thoughtful journey to mainstream.

As for my personal and professional background and contributions to leadership and change:

You have my commitment that, as a member of the Board, I will contribute to Humanity+ fully and diligently. My heart is there, my mind is there, and our future is there.

All the best,

Kiko Suarez

Giuseppe Vatinno


“Transhumanism is a revolutionary philosophy, which tends to subvert old values, and create new ones.”

I have been involved on Transhumanism since 2000. My interest to be elected to the Board of Humanity+ is because I think that transhumanism can help by people become more interested in science and technology globally. I am the Scientific Director of Chapter of H+ AIT and the coordinator of Rome Chapter and a Member of Italian Society of Physics. I authored the article for Technology Review Italy. In working with other transhumanists, I am on the staff of IEET (Institute for Emerging Technologies).

One of my main accomplishments in the transhumanist scope is that I was the first Transhumanist elected as Member of Parliament (2012), which was covered by New Scientist magazine. Kurzweil AI website highlights this achievement in an article written by Giulio Prisco, former Board member of Humanity+. “Italy-ironically, a stronghold of the Catholic church – became the first major western nation to elect an active transhumanist”.  You can access this article at http://www.kurzweilai.net/italy-elects-first-transhumanist-mp

My views are to:

  • Support your arguments.Develop a clear logical framework, based on the principle of cause-effect, and backed by data and forecasting models.
  • Propose technological and scientific solutions. For example, I believe that the environmental problem, an ‘existential risk,’ [Bostrom] can be basically solved by advanced technology, combining the Proactionary Principle of the [sic] philosopher Max More with sustainability.
  • Explain science. “The reactions of people during the election campaign, after explaining things, were always positive. … But the scientists, the ‘lords of technology,’ must understand that sometimes they need to talk to ordinary people—explain and discuss—because only then we can hope to achieve a political consensus, crucial to real social change.”

As an author, one of my most meaningful accomplishments for the growing movement of transhumanism is my book, Transhumanism. A new philosophy for humanity of XXI century, purblished by Armando editore, Rome, Italy, 2010.

As an person who values learning, I teach in the Masters program on energy and environmental issues at the Politecnico in Milan and also I teach in a Masters  program at University of Parthenope Napoles.

I was a director for the environmental policies of the Minister of Infrastructure from 2007 to 2008, member of the Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Ministry of Environment in the period from 2007 to 2008 and member of the Observatory of the environment on the High Speed Ministry of the Environment from 2006 to 2008. In 2011 he was a member of the Technical Secretariat of the Ministry of Environment for the new technologies.

As for my professional background, I am a graduate of the University “La Sapienza in” Rome in Theoretical Physics. I am specialized in particle physics, cognitive psychology, neural networks, and image processing. I worked for 15 years in the Information Technology Company “Olivetti”.

Because I think that transhumanism can help people become more interested in science and technology and politics in all the world, my interest to be elected to the Board of Humanity+. I affirm my personal support for the Humanity+ Mission Statement and the Transhumanist Declaration.

Thank you,
Giuseppe Vatinno

 David Wood


Innovator and Futurist (London UK)

History of positive accomplishment within transhumanism:

  1. Built up London Futurists over a seven-year period to a membership of over 3,200, holding one or two speaker meetings every month on transhumanist, singularitarian, technoprogressive, and futurist topics. (See http://londonfuturists.com/previous-meetings/)
  2. Hosted regular hangout-on-air video events with international panelists addressing transhumanist-related topics. (See https://www.youtube.com/user/DeltaWisdom/videos)
  3. Joined Humanity+ Board in November 2013. Oversaw the process for the membership vote on the constitutional changes. Maintain records of current membership status
  4. Became an IEET Fellow in January 2015.
  5. Organised a number of successful major transhumanist conferences in London: 2010, 2011, and 2014 “Anticipating 2025”. (See http://anticipating2025.com/agenda/)

Twenty five-years of Senior Management experience in high technology business:

  • Software architect for the UI and application layers of what was, at the time, Europe’s leading PDA software system (Psion EPOC), 1988-1998.
  • Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Symbian (pioneer of the smartphone industry), 1998-2009.
  • CTO and Technology Planning Lead of Accenture Mobility, 2010-2013.
  • Independent futurist author and consultant, Delta Wisdom, 2013-present.
  • Business skills include lean development, enterprise-scale agile, continuous integration, open source, developer evangelism, public relations, market communications, designing and delivering presentations, seminar facilitation, management coach, and executive troubleshooter. All as documented in the 2014 book Smartphones and beyond. (See http://smartphonesandbeyond.com/reviews/)

Humanity+ Activities to be pursued as a Board Director:

  • Assist the organisation to rediscover a distinctive, inspiring sense of identity and mission – a “massive transformational purpose” which can galvanise new levels of commitment and enthusiasm from members.
  • Build positive, synergistic relations between Humanity+ and the various new transhumanist political parties and think tanks (such as Transpolitica, which I founded in January 2015), with the goal of fostering a political and legislative climate conducive to the rapid development and deployment of transhumanist technologies.
  • Modernise and accelerate the Humanity+ structure for local chapters, enabling activities to scale up more decisively.
  • Curate the emergence of compelling, authoritative new educational videos that address core transhumanist topics in ways that dispel public confusion about transhumanism.
  • Provide project management support for step-by-step progress of the “Humanity+ Plan 2015-2017”. (See https://humanityplus.org/humanity-plan-2015-2017/)

Personal Goals:

  • “Transhumanism for all”.
  • “Transhumanist benefits for all” – The tremendous benefits of new technology should become available to anyone who wishes to take advantage of them (rather than being restricted to the well off or the well connected).
  • “Transhumanist thinking for all” – The core transhumanist memes should become understood, accepted, and endorsed by a wider and wider set of people, from all walks of life, en route to becoming the default worldview in more and more areas of society.
  • “Transhumanist organisational support for all” – The core transhumanist memes can become a rallying point for a rich collection of different initiatives and groups, all collaborating under a common umbrella, with each initiative extending the core set of ideas along new directions.