Become an H+ Activist

  1. Join Humanity+ as a Supporting or Sustaining Member.
  2. Subscribe to the H+ blog feed and Twitter feed, and join the H+ Facebook group.
  3. Contribute news and opinion pieces to this blog, reflecting on transhumanist concerns in your region or country, or to H+ Magazine.
  4. Write about transhumanism for the popular, non-transhumanist press. Develop relationships with local journalists. Start a column in your local paper. Start your own blog, vlog, podcast, radio show or TV show.
  5. Get involved in or organize a local chapter. There are many possible activities for local groups, from purely social gatherings to study groups and speaker series. All local chapters are autonomous, except insofar as we recognize and cooperate with you.
  6. Sign up for the appropriate mailing lists, in your region, based on interest (arts, disability, etc.), and participate in our online communities. If there is an interest group or locality that you’d like to see a list for, let us know.
  7. Volunteer to work on one of our program areas.
  8. There are probably two dozen ways that you can think of to build the transhumanist movement and contribute to Humanity+ that we haven’t thought of yet. Send us your ideas and offers, or just go forth and start changing the world.