Start a Chapter

Becoming a Recognized Humanity+ Chapter

Local chapters of Humanity+ are autonomous, and members of H+ chapters do not have to join Humanity+. However, local chapters recognized as active chapters of Humanity+ must have at least one Full Member.

Members of Humanity+ are not automatically members of any local chapters of Humanity+ however; local chapters may have additional membership dues and requirements.

To be recognized as an active Humanity+ chapter, groups must appoint a leader or liaison to Humanity+, and send an email to info at humanityplus dot org, defining the chapter and the geographic area to be served (if any; chapters may also serve occupational or interest groups).

Requirements for an active Humanity+ chapter:

  1. Have a publicly visible website URL, Facebook page, or other social media page
  2. Have at least one liaison person, with a current email address known to Humanity+, who is a Full Member of Humanity+ in good standing
  3. Hold at least two activities over each twelve month period
  4. Confirm support for the mission, principles, and goals of Humanity+
  5. Submit at least once each calendar year a report to Humanity+, for public display on the Humanity+ website, of the activities and plans of the Chapter.


When Chapters report on their status, either annually or more frequently, they should include the following details:


  1. Activities that took place in the period of time covered by the report
  2. Activities that are planned to take place in the next reporting period
  3. (Optional) Reflections on opportunities arising – activities that other Chapters, or Humanity+ as a whole, may wish to consider adopting
  4. (Optional) Reflections on issues arising – factors restricting the progress of the Chapter
  5. (Optional) Requests from the Chapter to the Humanity+ organisation.


Note: the Humanity+ Chapter directory shows chapters as being in one of three states:


  1. Active – meets the above criteria
  2. Dormant – was previously Active, but no longer meets all the required criteria. These chapters can remain on the Dormant list for up to two years, at which time they will be removed
  3. Organizing – has submitted an application to become an Active Chapter, and has been accepted by Humanity+. Will be transitioned to an Active Chapter once all the required conditions are met. These chapters can remain on the Organizing list for up to twelve months, at which time they will be removed.

Some Ideas For Your Humanity+ Chapter

  1. If desired, we will help to contact transhumanists in your area.
  2. Build a web page with content in your local language. Please consult the Humanity+ style guide for ideas about its design.
  3. Create a page about your group on H+Pedia.
  4. Bring in a transhumanist speaker for a well-advertised event.
  5. Start a transhumanist reading and discussion group. Ask us for suggested readings and h+ Magazine and H+ Press have additional resources.
  6. Establish a regular meeting time and place.
  7. Become an official active H+ chapter by adopting a group constitution and charter and establishing a person or set of people from your group to liaison with Humanity+.
  8. Identify one or more of your chapter members as spokespeople who can be contacted by local journalists or researchers who have questions about transhumanism
  9. Encourage your members to join Humanity+.
  10. Reach out to other futurist, high-technology, life extension and humanist organizations in your area to build alliances around issues you share in common.