Start a Chapter

Becoming a Recognized Humanity+ Chapter

Local chapters of Humanity+ are autonomous, and members of H+ chapters do not have to join Humanity+. However, local chapters seeking Full Recognition as chapters of Humanity+ must have at least three Basic Members, and one Full Member.

Members of Humanity+ are not automatically members of any local chapters of Humanity+ however; local chapters may have additional membership dues and requirements.

To be recognized as a Humanity+ chapter, groups must appoint a leader or liaison to Humanity+, and submit a Chapter Registration Application to Humanity+ defining the chapter and the geographic area to be served (if any; chapters may also serve occupational or interest groups). A Liaison (Full Member) should subscribe to the general discussion list and any local Humanity+ list for their area.

Organizing Your Humanity+ Chapter

  1. Submit a Chapter Registration Application to Humanity+. If desired, we will help to contact transhumanists in your area.
  2. Join Humanity+.
  3. Join some of the Humanity+ discussion lists.
  4. Create a group and forums on H+ Connect.
  5. Read the Student Leadership Guide for lots of good suggestions.
  6. Build a web page with content in your local language. Please consult the Humanity+ style guide for ideas about its design.
  7. Establish a regular meeting time and place.
  8. Bring in a transhumanist speaker for a well-advertised event.
  9. Start a transhumanist reading and discussion group. Ask us for suggested readings and h+ Magazine and H+ Press have additional resources.
  10. Become an official H+ chapter by adopting a group constitution and charter and establishing a person or set of people from your group to liaison with Humanity+.
  11. Encourage your members to join Humanity+.
  12. Reach out to other futurist, high-technology, life extension and humanist organizations in your area to build alliances around issues you share in common.