Humanity+ Newsletter – June 2010

Humanity+ Adopts The Creative Commons Attribution License

The development of Humanity+ continues with far reaching decisions taken by the Board Of Directors. Recently, with unanimous vote, the Board adopted the Creative Commons Attributions (CC-BY) license, as the default associated with the release with all the content developed by the organization.

Why does this matter? The objective of Humanity+ is foremost that of educating its members, and the public at large about its values, and its goals. The best way there is to achieve this objective is to leverage the tools made available by modern technology. Distribution over the Internet, whether through channels like YouTube, or on peer-to-peer networks is often complicated by an unclear origin of the content. By explicitly adopting, and clearly defining a content licensing default, Humanity+ achieves the maximum visibility and usability of its content, benefiting the organization, and its members.

The first important consequence of this decision will be the timely upload of the videos recorded at H+ Summit, which will be available progressively after the conference under a CC-BY license. More information about CC-BY is available on the website of Creative Commons.

(The copyright of the content is separate from the branding of the organization, and the trademark Humanity+, which we will cover in a forthcoming newsletter in more detail.)

Humanity+ Newsletter Goes Monthly

With so much going on in the area of science, technology, and almost every development having a huge impact on the human condition, Humanity+ also must address its members, and supporters in a timely fashion. On top of the updates on our website, we have decided to move our newsletter from a quarterly to a monthly update, and we hope that you will find this change useful.

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