Humanity+ Newsletter – September 2010

Humanity+ Officers elections
The recently seated Board of Humanity+ elected the following Officers:

* Ben Goertzel, Chairman
* Max More, Vice Chairman
* Amy Li, Treasurer
* Natasha Vita-More, Secretary
* Thomas McCabe, Project Coordinator
* Bryan Bishop, Assistant Director of Research and Development
* Heather Knight, Assistant Director of Robotics

Humanity+ Press

Founded in 2010, Humanity+ Press is a publisher operated by Humanity+, focused on works that promote understanding, interest and participation in fields of emerging innovation with strong potential to lead to a radically better future.

We are committed to releasing works under author-friendly licenses (currently Creative Commons licenses); and in a variety of formats and media, which currently encompasses both electronic and paper forms. We will release both single-author works, and multi-author works such as collections of abstracts or papers presented at H+ Summit, and other conferences. Our focus will be on nonfiction works aimed at a general audience; but we may also release a small selection of thematically appropriate technical, fiction or artistic works as well.

If you are an author interested in distributing your work through Humanity+ Press, please email with a brief book proposal and author bio (and if available a link to a draft of the work).

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Upcoming events

* “Transhumanism and Spirituality” is the theme for this year’s The Mormon Transhumanist Association conference at the University of Utah on October 1st.
* Personalized Life Extension Conference: advances are being made daily on what each of us can do NOW to slow the aging process to a minimum, and to delay or prevent the diseases of aging. Life extension news comes out faster than any one of us can evaluate it on our own. Let’s get together and determine how to take personal action. Special discount for Humanity+ members: register with discount code HUMANITY+ to get $100 off the price of admission!
* Immortality Institute International Conference on October 9-10 in Brussels, Belgium
* PopTech’s conference theme this year is “Brilliant Accidents, Necessary Failures, and Improbable Breakthroughs” from October 20-23.
* TransVision 2010 takes place from 22-24 October in Milan, Italy.
* The next conference of Humanity+, originally scheduled for November, has been postponed. Expect the information about the new date shortly, through a Special Announcement email.

Do you know of an event that other members should also learn about? Write to to get it listed in the next available monthly issue.