H+ Academy

The Members H+ Academy is developed to provide a way for members to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. Round Table discussions featuring world leading thinkers discussing the most immediate issues will be recorded an available on our YouTube channel.

We have two ways for members to participate n the Academy: (1) attend the Humanity+ hosted Round Table discussion; and (2) create and attend the members’ hosted breakout Workshops. This approach offers an educational platform for member and provides a venue for members to create their own groups and topic discussions.

How does it work? The Round Table is a 30-minute discussion with a moderator and panelists, which is open to the public.  (2) The breakout Workshop can be 30 minutes to an hour, with a facilitator for members. Members can attend any or all breakout workshops to participate in.  These Workshops can also be open to the public.

The H+ Round Table format – 30 Minutes:

  • Focused topic, with a moderator and 2-3 panelists. Each panelist is given 1 minute or 300 words to state their position (otherwise known as ignite or quick-fire). Discussion among panelists continues for 20 minutes. Each panelist is given 1 minute for closing thoughts. Attendees have an opportunity to post their comments in the chat.

Workshops – 30 Minutes or longer:

  • Breakout Workshops are facilitated by members and take place after the Round Table. These workshops are organized by members, who select their own topics.

If you are a member and who like to host a panel or group breakout, please email us!