Humanity+ Clarification of Epstein Donation

Humanity+ Clarification of Epstein Donation

Gratitude America, Ltd. made a donation to Humanity+ in 2018. Gratitude America, Ltd. did not include Mr. Jeffrey Epstein’s name on the donation. This donation of $100,000 was put to a good cause as evidenced in Humanity+ tax Schedule B, Part 1 that states the donation was granted to educational research and development of Artificial Intelligence, the ethical use of AI, and increasing awareness of how AI can benefit humanity.

This AI research is diametrically opposed to the exploitative and abusive behaviors of Mr. Epstein that were recently revealed in the news. At the time we accepted this donation from Gratitude America, Ltd., Humanity+ had no knowledge of Mr. Epstein’s horrific alleged criminal activity, and we strongly condemn it.

Funding AI research is a project that Humanity+ has been involved with for many years and has received donations from numerous sources. Humanity+ supports AI research that is educational and oriented toward beneficial and compassionate applications of advanced technology for the broad benefit of humanity. In striving to put donations to good causes, one such way is by developing the principled use of AI in the field of robotics and automation. 

It should be known that Epstein was never a member of Humanity+, nor affiliated with any known transhumanist organization. Epstein’s egocentric ideas about eugenics ardently conflict with the philosophy of transhumanism and the express directive of Humanity+ that aims is to prevent coerced practices. Instead, Humanity+ encourages exploring the use of genetic engineering to save lives and mitigate diseases that affect all humanity, such as sickle cell anemia and other horrific illnesses.

 Humanity+ is an international nonprofit membership organization that advocates the ethical use of technology and evidence-based science to expand human capabilities  You can learn more about transhumanism at



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