Humanity+ Plan 2015-2017

This document is a brief summary of how the current Board sees the organization growing over the next few years, from January 2015 onwards. The plan is presented as a three-stage sequence.

Stage 1

To have:

  • A development director, working on either a full-time or part-time basis, focused on raising funds for the organization;
  • A crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising funds for the org (or an alternate fundraising initiative, if an argument for such is put forth and accepted);
  • Regional directors in each major area of the world, charged with maintaining records on Humanity+ chapters in their area, keeping touch with members in their area, propagating news from the chapters in their area to the newsletter, and fostering transhumanist thinking in their area;
  • An improved system for members to discuss ideas and policies, replacing the Yahoo hplusmembers group; depending on investigations, this could include one or more of H+ Connect, Loomio, Google Groups, and G+ Communities;
  • A global directory of members, potentially achieved via strongly encouraging each member to create a profile in H+ Connect (or some other appropriate networking infrastructure) summarizing their background and interests;
  • An agreed baseline SWOT for the organization (building on the interim version available on Loomio); and
  • Clarification of credible time scales for the remaining stages of this plan; for example, Stage 2 might commence in July 2015, and Stage 3 in January 2016.
Stage 2

To have:

  • A full-time, paid Executive Director;
  • A detailed Strategic Plan for further growth and greater global impact, produced by the Executive Director in collaboration with the Board.   This should include specific targets such as membership growth and revenue growth;
  • A review and refresh of the Humanity+ marketing communications; and
  • A regular annual conference.
Stage 3


  • Require chapter members to belong to the global organization as full members (unless the Executive Director determines an alternative strategy for chapter member status); and
  • Implement and manage further initiatives as determined by the Executive Director.