Humanity+ Restructuring for 2012

Humanity+ Restructuring for 2012

Humanity+ recently convened at the 2011 Constitutional Convention to evaluate its mission, projects, and overall plans for the future. The Board discussed the responsibilities of its Board members, what projects are doable, how to better strategize, whether to have an Executive Director at this time, and if reducing the size of the Board would be beneficial.

With the restructuring, Thomas McCabe graciously stepped down as Executive Director and several Board members have indicated resigning due to other commitments. We will be increasing the number of Advisors and plan for each Board member to take a leadership position with one project for the coming year. The projects that received the most positive feedback from our survey are Humanity+ conferences, H+ Magazine, Future Day, Virtual TV Minds Matter, Humanity+ Press, and H+SN.

The Board of Directors gives our warmest thanks to Tom McCabe for his role as ED. During his term some of his contributions include taking the lead on the 2011 Humanity+ Matching Challenge, the Aubrey de Grey Advocacy Prize, bringing in new Humanity+ Advisors, and initiating the Humanity+ Facebook cause. To date, Tom remains a valued member of the Board of Directors.

We and look forward to a successful 2012!

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