Life Extension Experts Gather in Spain to Share their Knowledge and Discuss Future Possibilities
Relation to Transhumanism

Since the beginning of history, it has been humanity’s dream to prolong life for as long as possible. We have gone from an average life expectancy of around 20 years to over 80 in many developed nations.

But where to from here?

Exponential growth in technology—coupled with new medical research and development—opens up the possibility of further increasing our lifespan, perhaps even doubling it.

This is what has led the world’s leading experts in life extension—including our own Natasha Vita-More, David Wood, Max More, Aubrey de Grey and José Cordeiro—to gather in Spain for the first International Longevity and Cryopreservation Summit.

Focusing on cryopreservation, life extension and longevity, the summit sees participants coming from as far afield as the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Africa, China, Russia and Venezuela to discuss the latest developments in life extension. It provides experts with a platform to share their knowledge and make society aware of the new economy and coming opportunities presented by advances in life extension and longevity.

The summit has been organised by Fundacion VidaPlus—with the help of leading associations in the areas of longevity, indefinite lifespans, cryopreservation, and other fields of biomedicine.

Key dates:
Madrid – 25th-27th May (English)

Seville – 29th May (Spanish)

Barcelona – 30th May (Spanish)

If you’re in that part of the world (or if you’re looking for an excuse to be!) check out the

YouTube video:

For more detailed information, visit:

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Governance of Emerging Technology 2017: May 17-19, 2017 ASU – Phoenix, Arizona

The conference will consist of plenary and session presentations and discussions on regulatory, governance, legal, policy, social and ethical aspects of emerging technologies. It is premised on the belief that there is much to be learned and shared from and across the governance experience and proposals for the various emerging technologies. Speakers include Natasha Vita-More.

Call for abstracts:

The co-sponsors invite submission of abstracts for proposed presentations. Submitters of abstracts need not provide a written paper, although provision will be made for posting and possible post-conference publication of papers for those who are interested.

Although abstracts are invited for any aspect or topic relating to the governance of emerging technologies, some particular themes that will be emphasized at this year’s conference include cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, drones, CRISPR/gene editing, big data, data analytics, transnational coordination, technology unemployment, internet of things, neuroscience, privacy, longevity, bitcoin/blockchain, and digital health.

Please submit your abstract here: Submit Abstract Here. For registration and other information see here.


David Orban will be keynoting Ethereal.

When: May 18

Where: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Ethereal Summit is a culture-focused blockchain event that brings innovators in the fields of governance, impact, sustainability, community building, arts and media together with experts in exponential technologies. We aim to highlight the technologies and innovators that are ushering in the next generation of the internet, and catalyzing our transition into a decentralized world.

More details:


David Orban will be speaking at TEDxNavesink.

When: May 20th

Where: Asbury Park, NJ, USA

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, live speakers combine with TEDTalks video to spark deep discussion and connection.
Our goal is to bring world-leading TED talks to Monmouth County in an all-day live event that inspires us to learn and think about the future of our home on the shore.

More details:

French Transhumanist Association

When: 28th May

Where: Paris, France

The French Transhumanist Association is organizing a meeting (in French) on Sunday 28 May at 3 PM in Paris, at the “Dernier bar avant la fin du monde” (Last Bar before the End of the World) in the room Singularity (!). 19 avenue Victoria, 75001 Paris. Theme: Artificial Intelligence.

More information (in French)


When: 19th-21st June

Where: London, UK

CogX is an inaugural event run by CognitionX, in association with The Alan Turing Institute. It will bring together business leaders, government officials and leading academics through talks, panels and breakout sessions, to join forces and produce reports. The CogX AI awards will recognise innovation across over 20 industries and domains, highlighting the greatest contributions from entrepreneurs, to government to investment to ethics.

Our own Calum Chace Author of “The Economic Singularity” & “Surviving AI” is among the speakers.

The event comprises:

  • Half day Executive AI Bootcamp – 19th June
  • Two-day Innovation Exchange conference and trade expo – 20th and 21st June
  • Awards dinner – 20th June

For more information and to book tickets:

RAADfest 2017

When: 9th-13th August

Where: San Diego, CA

It’s not enough to talk about possibilities. We need to take all possible actions, including improving diet, exercise, and adopting a positive-and-practical attitude. And we need to influence public opinion. There is a big picture message we feel is vital to deliver – that life extension, rather than being a dehumanizing element as Hollywood vampire stories suggest, fact brings out the best in our humanity.

This will be an event you will treasure for life. How many MORE people would have attended Woodstock if they had any inkling of the historical impact it had? Well, we’re going to kick off a movement that could transform the world, and you don’t want to regret missing it.

Visit the site for more information:

See the full list of presenters here:


When: 15th-18th August

Where: Melbourne, Australia
Continuing the mission of the past AGI conferences, AGI-17 gathers an international group of leading academic and industry researchers involved in scientific and engineering work aimed directly toward the goal of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Visit the site for more details:

IEEE’s 2017 Conference on Computational Intelligence in Games

When: 22nd – 25th August

Where: NYU in New York City

EPIA 2017

18th EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence

When: 5th-7th September

Where: Porto, Portugal

EPIA is a well-established international conference on Artificial Intelligence, supported by Portuguese Association for Artificial Intelligence (APPIA). The purpose of the conference is to promote research in AI and scientific exchange among AI researchers, practitioners, scientists, and engineers in related disciplines.

For more information, visit:

Workshop on existential risk to humanity

When: 7th-8th September​
Where: Gothenborg

Anders Sandberg, from the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford talks about: Tipping points, uncertainty and systemic risks: what to do when the whole is worse than its parts?

For more information, visit: Workshop on existential risk to humanity

How Big is Our Future: Risks Facing Humanity

When: 30th September
Where: London

How much can we do before the death of the universe?
While we are currently limited to one planet, the laws of physics do not seem to prevent us from colonising the solar system or going beyond. What are the physical limits on how far we can go and how much we can achieve?

In this talk, Anders Sandberg will look at some of the physics of long-range spaceflight and megascale engineering. How does an accelerating expansion of the universe limit our reach?

For more information, visit How Big is Our Future: Risks Facing Humanity


Future of Mind Symposium. 

In  July, Humanity + with The New School’s The Center for Transformative Media put on the Future of Mind symposium.

FUTURE of MIND will feature a series of panels moderated by  Dr. Goertzel and Prof. Keller, combining contributions of expert panelists with those of audience members. Brief presentations by panelists will be followed by discussions encouraging  participants and audience to develop a day long conversation.

Organized by Ben Goertzel and Ed Keller Link, he content is in-depth and Ben and Ed did an awesome job at organizing moderating this event.  As a caution: the video is one camera from stage right so most speakers are a little difficult to see. Regardless, this event was top-notch!   As a footnote, this symposium followed the 9th Annual Conference on Artificial General Intelligence Link  Below are a few images of speakers.