2018 Events

Humanity+ @ Beijing

The official Humanity+ @ Beijing website is here. All the information you will need is located on this page. For tickets, you can use Eventbrite for USD or for Chinese currency, tickets can be purchased with Alipay and Wechat.


The Assemblage NYC

Humanity+ presents “Are We Ready? Humanity Unbound” 

Thursday, July 19 at The Assemblage NoMad, 114 East 25th Street, NYC

Max More, CEO Alcor Life Extension Foundation; Tim Urban, Blogger and Author “Wait But Why”; Seth Blaustein, Co-Founder “Voice & Exit” Festival;
Natasha Vita-More, Executive Director, Humanity+

Rock band Queen asked, “Who wants to live forever?” Now, decades later, the 2018 Bohemian Rhapsody movie is nearing. It is light years in technological, medical and scientific advances, yet the question remains: Who wants to live forever? The famed inventor Ray Kurzweil, described as the “rightful heir to Thomas Edison,” claims that we are nearing living forever.

Nevertheless, Elon Musk warns us that we are “summoning the demon,” by predicting “an immortal dictator from which we can never escape.” AI pioneer Alan Turing envisioned machines getting so smart they would “outstrip our feeble powers” and “take control” (Tad Friend, The New Yorker).

This event is free for members and $40 for guests, with all proceeds going to Humanity+. Learn more about joining The Assemblage and getting special access and entry to all of our programming.

TransVision 2018 will be a big celebration to commemorate 20 years of TransVision events around the world. TransVision involves the bringing together of Transhumanist groups from across Europe to share know-how and learn from the difficulties others have had to overcome. As part of the celebration, TransVision and Humanity+ are organising two events in Spain this year. The first, is the Spanish event in March. The second, is an international event in October.

Humanity+ International Event in Madrid: TransVision 2018: October 19-20-21, 2018

The Future Forum

When: Fri 26 January

Where: Miami, USA

The Future Forum is a half-day event, featuring four renowned speakers guiding us into the future of health, communication, money, and work. Speakers are: Jose Cordeiro, Juan Enriquez, Sean MacDonald and Joanne Li.
Watch the video here for more information and book your seat here.

Biohacked Bodies: Virtual Futures Salon

When: Tue 30 January

Where: London, UK

Virtual Futures presents a panel discussion on biohacking, implantable devices and human augmentation.
Biohackers modify or augment their body with the use of technology. Whilst biohacking has commonly been considered a fringe activity, it is now estimated that 10,000+ people worldwide have RFID chip implants. On the realisation that this kind of activity was possible, and relatively safe, companies have now adopted implants as an alternative to ID cards.
What does this mainstream adoption mean for the future of the biohacking movement? What limitations do they still hope to overcome? How are implantable devices being used in a medical context? What can we learn from these early-experimentations?
Join the pioneers who are continuing to push the boundaries, and explore what’s possible with these new intimate interfaces.
See the link for tickets.