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Humanity+ condemns police brutality against the people it is sworn to protect. In particular, Humanity+ stands against systematic violence toward people of color. We are Humanity+ and support the proposition that all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, creed, and sexual orientation, have the same rights and opportunities ...
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Use Reliable Sources: Listen to Country authorities and guidelines. Review updates at World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. Be informed about quantified data (Total Confirmed and Total Recovered cases). Attend the COVID-19 The State & future of Pandemics virtual event where Humanity+ Board member Nell Watson will discuss “A practical guide to staying ...
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Humanity+ does not affiliate with individuals or groups that cyberbully and use defamatory accusations to unjustly disparage transhumanists, the Humanity+ organization, or its membership. Due to the rise in social media and aggressive attempts by Internet trolls to damage the good standing and reputation of many about respected organizations within our global community, It has ...
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Gratitude America, Ltd. made a donation to Humanity+ in 2018. Gratitude America, Ltd. did not include Mr. Jeffrey Epstein’s name on the donation. This donation of $100,000 was put to a good cause as evidenced in Humanity+ tax Schedule B, Part 1 that states the donation was granted to educational research and development of Artificial ...
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