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This is a world-wide holiday! Become a “Friend of Future Day” and work with us all together, across the world, to get Future Day off to an incredible start! Visit the Future Day website here!

“The reason I conceived the Future Day holiday was simple: I wanted to nudge the human race’s attention in the direction of the future rather than the past and present — and to do so in a way that’s universal, creative and fun.”  (Ben Goertzel)

Read Goertzel’s article on Future Day at H+ magazine!

The H+TV educational series is an online discussion series with a focus on provocative questions about our culture and how science, technology, and design play key roles in the narratives we form. The series consists of 6 virtual lectures and 6 follow-up discussions/debates available at online. For more information, check out the Introduction Video at Vimeo and Facebook!

“Critical ideas need discussion and  it’s  a great way to learn and have fun-filled discussions and debates on current issues.”  Natasha Vita-More

H+Pedia is a project to spread information about transhumanism and futurism among the general public. H+Pedia is also an opportunity for transhumanist and futurist enthusiasts to work together, thereby strengthening the transhumanist community. H+Pedia welcomes constructive contributions from everyone interested in the future of humanity.