Essay Prize “Mutual Benefits of Blockchain and Transhumanism”

Humanity+ Essay Prize 2018 on the
“Mutual Benefits of Blockchain and Transhumanism”

The three runner-up essays have been selected by the Judges. Essays did not contain the name of the submitting authors. The Judges consisted of two Board members, one full member and one Advisor.

The three runner-up essays were officially announced by Humanity+ Executive Director Natasha Vita-More at the Humanity+ @ Beijing Conference on Sunday, June 15th. The formal announcement has gone out in the June newsletter dated June 16th.

The three runner-up essays are listed below in no particular order. Out of these three essays the winner has been selected and will be announced at the TransVision 2018 Conference in Madrid, Spain. Each of the three runner-up essays will receive $1,000.00 USD.  The winning essay will receive an additional $5,000.00 USD.

  1. Title: “How Do You Prove You Are You?”, Author: Regina M. Joseph, Toledo, Ohio, USA.
  2.  Title: “Transhumanism, Cryonics, Blockchain”,Author: Валерия Прайд (Valerija Pride), Moscow, Russia.
  3. Title: “Transhuman Crypto Cloudminds”,Author: Melanie Swan, Purdue, Indiana, USA.

This was a tough competition. All essays contained scholarly merit, insight and innovative thinking.  We thank each and every author for participating in the competition!  Without your incredibly meaningful ideas, this contents could not have had the quality that it did. Thank you again!


1. Entries are welcome from authors anywhere in the world.

2. There is no cost to enter an Essay.

3. Essays are limited to one essay per author.


4. Submitting entries using the online form is required.

5. Entries should be either PDFs or Word documents.

6. Entries must have a title page, sources cited in text and referenced and all tables, figures must be numbered.

7. The author’s name must not appear in the document or in the name of the digital file because judging is conducted blind.

8. The full name should only include the title of the Essay.

9. Entrants will receive automatic confirmation of receipt to the email address used when entering.


10. Essays must be written in English.

11. Essays must be original works authored by original author or authors.

12. Essays must not infringe on copyright protection of another author or publication.

13. Essays that are deemed to be plagiarism will be disqualified.


All authors must agree to the following declaration:

14. I declare that this essay is the author(s) own work. Portions of the essay may have been previously published, but 75% is original writing. This essay will not be published elsewhere until the announcement of the Final Winner, on October 19, 2018.


15. Three runner-up essays receive $1,000.00 each and will be announced at the Humanity+ @ Beijing, China Conference opening reception on July 14, 2018.

16. Final selection of the Winning Essay receives $5,000.00 and will be announced at the TransVision 2018 Conference in Madrid, Spain on October 19, 2018.


17. Seven Judges will be selected by the Board: three from Humanity+ full members, two Board members, and two Advisory members.

18. Each Judge will have one vote.


There is no minimum or maximum word count. Content is more important than length. As a general guide, writers might expect to submit essays from 2,000 to 4,000 words.

There is no requirement on essays to observe any particular line-spacing or font size. However, essays that are difficult to read (for whatever reason) will be less likely to receive a prize.