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TransVision 2021 Madrid, Spain

Since 1998, the TransVision conference series has been advocating the ethical use of technology to expand human capabilities and transcend limitations. See chart at the bottom of this page for the history of TransVision conferences worldwide!


TransVision 2021 Madrid will take place in October 2021. The focus of TransVision 2021 LA is on Society, Politics, Economics, Education, and the Environment’s Climate Fluctuation themes. It will feature over 25 global speakers.


With AI, biotech, nanotech, robotics, VR/AR all experiencing multiple breakthroughs per year, and transforming every aspect of society and economy, are we building a glorious human-machine  virtuous world or  marching toward a human extinction? These are tough questions, and nobody is more qualified to work through them than the minds behind Humanity+ — the world’s leading transhumanist organization and representing a global community that has been exploring the radically transformative potential of advanced technologies for decades.


Please stay tuned to register to attend this event.

Our Humanity+ conferences explore innovations of science and technology and their relationship to humanity. Recent conferences have been held at Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, Parsons The New School for Design in New York City, California Technology Institute, and Harvard University. Join Humanity+ and keep up to date about upcoming conferences and related activities. For special inquiries email

On November 26, 2020 we hosted a ThanksLiving celebration with members of Humanity+ and Alcor Life Extension Foundation! Thanksgiving is considered a global holiday to give thanks for prosperity and can be a holiday of the New Renaissance of Longevity. ThanksLiving is a continuation of the festival for celebrating longevity in 1985 at Lake Tahoe Life Extension Festival and the 1990s cryonics Holiday Feast and Superlongevity Party. More info can be found on Eventbrite.

2020 Post-Pandemic Summit

When: July 7-8 / Platform: Zoom

Tickets: eventbrite

SARS-CoV-2 is a war on human biology and a wake-up call for every person on the planet. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, or socioeconomic status. It can affect everybody, but it kills first the oldest, the weakest and the poorest. This world-wide killer infection has heightened the bandwidth of news feed and online events as people are trying to understand and strategize a solution. There is no question that human civilization is now alert to its own vulnerability. Rather than continuing with such vulnerability, action needs to be taken at the biological core. The human genome must be strengthened and protected.

Dealing with the pandemic is front page news. Yet, another never-ceasing crisis goes under the radar—aging.

We need to create new technology, science, and culture that will enable us to get through the next global crisis with more grace and less destruction of our planet and develop a safer healthier environment for all life.


Beyond Mortality: Preventing Negative Conditions Impacting Life
Beyond Scarcity: Economy of Abundance (Practical-Radical Optimism)
Beyond Cruelty: Stop Discrimination / Create Compassion (Evolved Consciousness)


Dr. Ben Goertzel – CEO & Chief Scientist, SingularityNET

Nell Watson – Chair & VP, IEEE ECPAIS Transparency Experts Focus Group

Dr. Max More – Ambassador & President Emeritus, Alcor

Dr. Jose Cordeiro – Founding ED, Ibero-American Futurists Network RIBER

Dr. Natasha Vita-More – Author, Professor, Speaker, Digital University

Ryan O’Shea – Founder, Future Grind

Dr. Anders Sandberg – Senior Research Fellow, Future of Humanity Institute

Alishba Imran – Co-Founder, XVolta

David Ernst – Founder, Liquid Democracy

David Brin – Best-Selling Author, Scientist, NASA Advisor

Dr. Kat Cotter,  Anti-Aging Practitioner

Didier Coeurnelle – Vice President, Technoprog

Michael Masucci – Media Producer and Curator, EZTV Online Museum

Maria Entraigues-Abramson — Global Outreach Coordinator, SENS

David Wood – Futurist, Author, Founder, London Futurists

Zoltan Istvan – Futurist, Author

Betelhem Betty Dessie – Founder & CEO, Anyone Can Code

David Kelley – AI Researcher, Senior Architect, BCG

TransVision 2019 London

19 years since TransVision was last held in LondonHumanity+ and London Futurists are bringing TransVision 2019 to London, with the headline title Humanity+ @ London.

The event will take place on Sat 6th and Sun 7th July, in Birkbeck College in central London.

The core purpose of this event is to review the relevance of transhumanism to key issues of the present and near-term future:


  • The future of Artificial Intelligence
  • The future of health
  • The future of education
  • The future of politics
  • The future of human values

    Full Event Details Here

2018 The Super-Longevity Party

 We co-sponsored the Super-Longevity event in Newport Beach, California.

2018 Humanity+ @ Beijing

China Conference Website Here

“Human Meaning in an AI World” – Beijing, July 15

2018 Humanity+ Presents “Are We Ready? Humanity Unbound”

Humanity+ presents “Are We Ready? Humanity Unbound” 

Thursday, July 19 at The Assemblage NoMad, 114 East 25th Street, NYC

Max More, CEO Alcor Life Extension Foundation; Tim Urban, Blogger and Author “Wait But Why”; Seth Blaustein, Co-Founder “Voice & Exit” Festival;
Natasha Vita-More, Executive Director, Humanity+



Rock band Queen asked, “Who wants to live forever?” Now, decades later, the 2018 Bohemian Rhapsody movie is nearing. It is light years in technological, medical and scientific advances, yet the question remains: Who wants to live forever? The famed inventor Ray Kurzweil, described as the “rightful heir to Thomas Edison,” claims that we are nearing living forever.

Nevertheless, Elon Musk warns us that we are “summoning the demon,” by predicting “an immortal dictator from which we can never escape.” AI pioneer Alan Turing envisioned machines getting so smart they would “outstrip our feeble powers” and “take control” (Tad Friend, The New Yorker).

This event was free for members and $40 for guests, with all proceeds going to Humanity+. Learn more about joining The Assemblage and getting special access and entry to all of our programming.

2018 Annual Future Forum

When: Fri 26 January

Where: Miami, USA

The Future Forum is a half-day event, featuring four renowned speakers guiding us into the future of health, communication, money, and work. Speakers are: Jose Cordeiro, Juan Enriquez, Sean MacDonald and Joanne Li.
Watch the video here for more information.

2018 Biohacked Bodies: Virtual Futures Salon

When: Tue 30 January

Where: London, UK

Virtual Futures presents a panel discussion on biohacking, implantable devices and human augmentation.
Biohackers modify or augment their body with the use of technology. Whilst biohacking has commonly been considered a fringe activity, it is now estimated that 10,000+ people worldwide have RFID chip implants. On the realisation that this kind of activity was possible, and relatively safe, companies have now adopted implants as an alternative to ID cards.
What does this mainstream adoption mean for the future of the biohacking movement? What limitations do they still hope to overcome? How are implantable devices being used in a medical context? What can we learn from these early-experimentations?
Join the pioneers who are continuing to push the boundaries, and explore what’s possible with these new intimate interfaces.


Humanity+ @San FranciscoThe Humanity+ conference was San Francisco on December 1-2, 2012 at Seven Hills Conference Center at San Francisco State University. Videos of the conference can be found hereHumanity+ @Melbourne: A great success! Held at RMIT with speakers including Aubrey de Grey, Natasha Vita-More, Stelarc and Stuart Candy. found here!

2011 Humanity+ @ Parsons School of Design

Our Humanity+ conferences explore innovations of science and technology and their relationship to humanity. Recent conferences have been held at Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, Parsons The New School for Design in New York City, California Technology Institute, and Harvard University. Join Humanity+ and keep up to date about upcoming conferences and related activities. For special inquiries email


TransVision EventDateLocationOrganizers
TransVision 1998June 5-7Weesp, The NetherlandsTranscedo (Dutch transhumanist group)
TransVision 1999June 4-6Stockholm, SwedenAleph  (Swedish transhumanist group)
TransVision MMJuly 15-16London, EnglandAlcor UK and WTA (no link)
TransVision 2001June 22-24Berlin, (German transhumanist group)
TransVision 2003June 27-29Yale University, United StatesWTA
TransVision 2004August 6-8University of Toronto, CanadaWTA
TransVision 2005July 22-24Caracas, VenezuelaJose Cordeiro and WTA
TransVision 2006August 17-19University of Helsinki, FinlandFinish Transhumanist Association and WTA
TransVision 2007July 26-28Chicago, United StatesCharlie Kam and WTA
TransVision 2010October 22-24Milan, ItalyItalian Transhumanist Association (AIT)
TransVision 2014November 20-22Paris, FranceAFT Technoprog
TransVision 2017November 9-11Brussels, BelgiumHEALES & AFT Technoprog
TransVision 2018October 19-21Madrid, SpainHumanity+
TransVision 2019July 6-7London, EnglandHumanity+ and London Futurists
TransVision 2021October 8-10Madrid, SpainHumanity+