Between Ape and Artilect

A compendium of interviews and dialogues originally appearing in H+ Magazine, Between Ape and Artilect has been released as a good old fashioned paper book (or ebook) by Humanity+ Press, available for purchase via — or available as a free PDF here.

The book is edited by noted AI researcher and long-time Humanity+ Board member Ben Goertzel.

During 2010-12, Dr. Goertzel conducted a series of textual interviews with researchers in various areas of cutting-edge science — artificial general intelligence, nanotechnology, life extension, neurotechnology, collective intelligence, mind uploading, body modification, neuro-spiritual transformation, and more. These interviews were published online in H+ Magazine, and are here gathered together in a single volume. The resulting series of dialogues treats a variety of social, futurological and scientific topics in a way that is accessible to the educated non-scientist, yet also deep and honest to the subtleties of the topics being discussed.

Between Ape and Artilect is a must-read if you want the real views, opinions, ideas, muses and arguments of the people creating our future.

Table of Contents

  • Itamar Arel: AGI via Deep Learning
  • Pei Wang: What Do You Mean by “AI”?
  • Joscha Bach: Understanding the Mind
  • Hugo DeGaris: Will There be Cyborgs?
  • DeGaris Interviews Goertzel: Seeking the Sputnik of AGI
  • Linas Vepstas: AGI, Open Source and Our Economic Future
  • Joel Pitt: The Benefits of Open Source for AGI
  • Randal Koene: Substrate-Independent Minds
  • João Pedro de Magalhães: Ending Aging
  • Aubrey De Grey: Aging and AGI
  • David Brin: Sousveillance
  • J. Storrs Hall: Intelligent Nano Factories and Fogs
  • Mohamad Tarifi: AGI and the Emerging Peer-to-Peer Economy
  • Michael Anissimov: The Risks of Artificial Superintelligence
  • Muehlhauser & Goertzel: Rationality, Risk, and the Future of AGI
  • Paul Werbos: Will Humanity Survive?
  • Wendell Wallach: Machine Morality
  • Francis Heylighen: The Emerging Global Brain
  • Steve Omohundro: The Wisdom of the Global Brain and the Future of AGI
  • Alexandra Elbakyan: Beyond the Borg
  • Giulio Prisco: Technological Transcendence
  • Zhou Changle: Zen and the Art of Intelligent Robotics
  • Hugo DeGaris: Is God an Alien Mathematician?
  • Lincoln Cannon: The Most Transhumanist Religion?
  • Natasha Vita-More: Upgrading Humanity
  • Jeffery Martin & Mikey Siegel: Engineering Enlightenment