H+ Innovator Award

Honoring excellence in digital creativity and foresight

The H+ Innovator Award looks into our community and acknowledges ideas and projects that encourage social change, achieve scientific accomplishments, technological advances, philosophical and intellectual visions, author unique narratives, build fascinating artistic ventures, and develop products that bridge gaps and help us to achieve transhumanist goals.

2021 Winners


2021 Nominees

H+ Video Prize

Honoring excellence in digital creativity and foresight

Short Video Competition: 30-second to 1-minute videos.

This video competition is a short 30-second to 1-minute challenge to bring your vision of a radically better future, free  from infectious disease and other forms of destruction and filled with life, positivity and creativity. Winners will be featured at the online H+ Summit: A Future Free of Disease and Destruction.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is a war on human biology. It is a wake-up call for every person on planet Earth. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, or socioeconomic status. It can affect everybody, but it kills first the oldest, the weakest and the poorest. This world-wide killer infection has heightened the bandwidth of newsfeeds and online events as people are trying  to understand and strategize a solution. There is no question that human civilization is now alert to its own vulnerability. Rather than continuing with such vulnerability, action needs to be taken at the biological core. The human genome must be strengthened and protected.

Humanity is going to beat COVID-19, but this will not the be the last major global crisis our species will face. We must take the current pandemic as an inspiration to create new technology, science and culture that will enable us to get through the next global crisis with more grace and less destruction.

POST-PANDEMIC: A Future Free of Disease and Destruction” is a video challenge that takes us into the world of tomorrow. We encourage creativity, originality and imagination and welcome well-grounded and clearly formulated views. We also encourage personal narratives exploring individual motivations for enthusiasm and micro-documentaries on this theme that include transhumanist values and goals.


  • 1st Place: “Awakening” by Pablo Perea
  • 2nd Place: “Better Future” by Boleslav Kerouš; “Beyond” by Denisa Rensen
  • 3rd Place: “Transhuman Resilience” by Adam Ford; “We Become” by Phillip Galinsky; “Immortality and Humanity” by Ashutosh Patil; “Seeds” by Michael Ricciardi

Video Themes

“POST-PANDEMIC: A Future Free of Disease and Destruction” focuses on three (3) themes:

(1) Beyond Mortality: Preventing Negative Conditions Impacting Life; (2) Beyond Scarcity: Economy of Abundance (Practical-Radical Optimism); (3) Beyond Cruelty: Stop Discrimination / Create Compassion (Evolved Consciousness)

Suggested fields that address these three (3) themes can include the science, technology, and philosophy of:

  • Biotechnology / Genetic Engineering
  • Nanotechnology / Nanomedicine / Molecular Manufacturing
  • Human Enhancement / Prosthetics
  • Personal  Identity / Self-Exploration / Healthy Longevity
  • Governance / Laws & Policies / Ethics / Existential risks

Video Guidelines

  • Submissions must include Name, Website (or Social Media profile), Title and Affiliation.
  • Videos must be between 30 seconds and 1 minute, including title and credits.
  • Videos must be in a Youtube compatible  format.
    • Several types/qualities of videos. We suggest MP4 is the best format. However, only those in file format H.264 (higher definition/resolution) standard will meet the threshold of most major media outlets.
    • Any videos not in High Definition or High Resolution can still enter the contest and be eligible for prizes/recognition.
  • Video submission must match the video Title on the entry: Last name_Title_.mp4: Example: smith_AI-for-longevity.mp4 or williams_fueling-the-future.mp4.-
  • Videos must be submitted to One may use WeTransfer or a similar service to send large files.
  • Original material is required. If footage, images, text, or audio is copied from another source, citations must be included and copyrights must be honored.
  • Anything considered inappropriate by the judges in content or scope will be disqualified.

Video Prizes

  • Humanity+ will offer:
    • one first prize of $1,000;
    • two second place prizes at $500.00;
    • three $250.00 awards;
    • including a Viewer’s Choice award.
  • All participants will receive a one-year  membership to Humanity+.

Humanity+ Essay Prize 2018 on the
“Mutual Benefits of Blockchain and Transhumanism”

The three runner-up essays have been selected by the Judges. Essays did not contain the name of the submitting authors at time of submission. The Judges consisted of two Board members, one full member and one Advisor.

The three runner-up essays were officially announced by Humanity+ Executive Director Natasha Vita-More at the Humanity+ @ Beijing Conference on Sunday, June 15th. The formal announcement went out in the June newsletter dated June 16th.

The three runner-up essays are listed below in no particular order. Out of these three essays the winner has been selected and was announced at the TransVision 2018 Conference in Madrid, Spain. Each of the three runner-up essays authors received $1,000.00 USD.  The winning essay received an additional $5,000.00 USD.


  1. Title: “How Do You Prove You Are You?”, Author: Regina M. Joseph, Toledo, Ohio, USA
  2. Title: “Transhumanism, Cryonics, Blockchain”, Author: Валерия Прайд (Valerija Pride), Moscow, Russia.
  3. Title: “Transhuman Crypto Cloudminds”, Author: Melanie Swan, Purdue, Indiana, USA.


This was a tough competition. All essays contained scholarly merit, insight and innovative thinking.  We thank each and every author for participating in the competition!  Without your incredibly meaningful ideas, this contents could not have had the quality that it did. Thank you again!