TransVision 2020

TransVision 2020

Since 1998, the TransVision conference series has been advocating the ethical use of technology to expand human capabilities and transcend limitations.

The event will take place on Saturday the 29th and Sunday 30th August, at the University of Southern California, (USC) Hotel Grand Ballroom.

Featuring over 25 global speakers who influence society through their contributions to super longevity,politics, AI, games climate fluctuation, space exploration, and human evolution.


Please stay tuned to register to attend this event.

The focus of TransVision 2020 LA is on Society, Politics, Economics, Education, and the Environment’s Climate Fluctuation themes.

With AI, biotech, nanotech, robotics, VR/AR all experiencing multiple breakthroughs per year, and transforming every aspect of society and economy, are we building a glorious human-machine  virtuous world or  marching toward a human extinction? These are tough questions, and nobody is more qualified to work through them than the minds behind Humanity+ — the world’s leading transhumanist organization and representing a global community that has been exploring the radically transformative potential of advanced technologies for decades.

Each theme is introduced by a Keynote with expert Panelists. Discussion and Debate introduces new knowledge and strategies for addressing conference themes and Humanity+’s vision for the future.

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