Volunteers for H+ Magazine

Volunteers for H+ Magazine

We’re looking for volunteers to help make H+ Magazine even better. Help spread the word about radical technological change.

We need:
– Social Networkers: Spread the word about H+ magazine and about specific h+ articles, targeting appropriate recipients
– Proofreaders & “Proofwatchers”: Proofread articles, before and/or after publication. Keep an eye on the site and let us know when something seems wrong.
– Designers: Help us find images and assist in designing posts. Current knowledge of Drupal will be helpful.
– Writers: Pitch us your article ideas. Also, we would consider regular bloggers in the areas of Robotics/AI, Enhancement, Biotech, Longevity, Cognitive Science and Nanotech, as well as bloggers who wish to cover transhumanist science and culture in general.

Contact: ru@hplusmagazine.com

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